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Technology Solutions for Apartment Communities

APTWIFI is a Internet Service Provider that provides Wireless Internet services for Apartments and Condo's. We have been in the industry for almost a decade providing technology solutions for MDU properties like yours, from general office technology to community wide WIFI.  
APTWIFI - Technology Solutions for Apartments and Condo's.
Residents desire fast reliable WiFi, they have multiple devices, including tablets, smart phones, and computers. We can proved the WiFi for all their devices.
Simple Agreements, no long term contracts.


After surveying your property we can provide you with a custom quote and plan to setup a wireless internet network that covers your entire property, After installing this network your property will have wireless internet from front to back and side to side, reaching all apartments and common areas. Our service is adjustable as to what you want to provide, if it's just an internet connection for residents and they can do general internet activity, like email and web browsing or we can provide enhanced services to include Netflix, and other streaming internet type services. After consulting with our experienced team we can come up with a plan that fits your properties needs.
What does it cost to get wireless Internet at your property? 
We will install the internet at your property virtually at zero cost to you. Your only responsibility is to provide the electrical connections required for access points. 
How do we do it?  We start with careful planning with our network engineers. We use state of the art wireless access points from companies like Meraki, and Ubiquiti. We contract with broadband companies to supply the broadband/fiber needed to provide internet to the property.
APTWIFI will provide 24/7 support for residents. Our technicians are experienced and friendly. We take the calls, so your managers can spend time managing the property.
After surveying your property we can determine if it meets the requirements for a community wide wireless network.

APTWIFI (Apartment WiFi)  provides other technologies for apartment communities, including office networks, internet solutions, ip telephones,  just give us a call to discuss your needs.
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APT WIFI - Technology Solutions for MDU properties
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